How a Question About Cookies Turned into a Vivid Memory

Yesterday I picked my son up from school and he was telling me about his day. He mentioned some cookies that his teacher had given him and then asked “Daddy are cookies healthy?” (I get this question often now ?)

So I proceeded to give him an honest answer but not be so harsh about it as I was thinking back to the days when I would eat cookies often as a normal part of my daily life.

I said “Son, cookies are ok to have sometimes but they are a special treat. Not something we eat all the time.” He nodded his head and smiled.

Then I started thinking back to when I was 60 pounds overweight and struggling with my health. I knew I needed to get healthier. I also knew I wanted to feel better, get my energy back and have more confidence.

I wanted my wife to find me attractive and I certainly didn’t want to be the guy wearing a shirt at the beach with the beer gut and man boobs. Inside I wanted to be loved and respected for someone who takes their health seriously.

I realized at the time that people who were fit have more energy and are generally happier with their life. But I just didn’t know where to start.

I decided to give fad diets a shot with zero luck. I tried keto and a few others but quickly realized they weren’t for me. Deep down I knew there was no way I could stick to a diet that forced me to give up all my favorite foods.

So I became really serious and began focusing on ways to get fit and healthy but still love life and enjoy all my favorite foods.

There was no chance of me giving up burgers and tacos and I certainly didn’t want to give up my beer on the weekends during football season. And I also didn’t want to spend several hours in the gym every day.

I started experimenting with different things and finally developed a plan that worked. I was able to go on to lose 60 pounds without giving up my favorite foods.

But not without some struggles. I tried all different kinds of workouts, spent a ton of time figuring out the right foods to eat and quite frankly it took a while to figure it all out.

I remember being extremely frustrated because I was failing at trying to outwork a bad diet. But then it all clicked!

I figured out the perfect structure to follow and would eventually go on to start my own company so I could help other men do the same.

But that’s not all. I not only lost the weight and gained my energy back. But there were no more man boobs or beer gut. And my wife was suddenly making frequent comments about my new attractiveness (this felt really good).

I also gained my confidence back and I started feeling like a man again. I had now become the man I envisioned when I committed to leading by example for my son.

The weight loss was awesome but everything that came with it was even more important. It’s one thing to get in better shape but to transform as a person and become better because of it are something I’ll cherish forever.

Just know that whatever you’re going through there is absolutely an answer. If I can transform my health as well as the man I’ve become, any other man can do the same.

It just takes a plan and a little bit of action ?

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