How To Start An Exercise Routine And Stick To It

So, you want to get fit, but every time you try to get started on a fitness routine, you just end up getting stuck in a rut and not getting anywhere. This can be very disheartening. You may well believe that you are somehow not good enough because you can’t seem to stick to your fitness routine. 

There may be a good reason why you struggle to stick to your fitness routine. For instance, you may have a busy schedule that leaves you feeling too tired to work out, or you may be in poor health. While these may be an issue for some people, for the majority of people the issue is a mental barrier that you will need to push through. 

Whatever your age or your level of fitness, even if you have never exercised at all in your life, there are definitely steps that you can take in order to make exercise less intimidating and more fun- and you’ll be able to get into an exercise routine that you can stick to. If you want to know How To Find Continued Results Even After Your Gym Workout, you’ll first need to find the routine and stick to it. 

In this article, we’ll focus on getting into a fitness groove and sticking to it. 

Stop Being So Hard On Yourself 

Self-compassion improves the chances of your succeeding in any endeavor. It is essential that you don’t beat yourself up over your fitness levels or failing to stick to your routine. All this will do will be to demotivate you even more. Instead of beating yourself up about your mistakes- learn from them. 

Lose The Idea That It’s All Or Nothing

You don’t need to spend every waking hour in the gym forcing yourself to exercise if you hate the experience. Instead, remember that a little exercise is more exercise than you would usually do and see that as a positive. 

Even just adding a small amount of exercise to your weekly routine will return major results for your health. 

Check Your Expectations 

If you’re out of shape you didn’t get there instantly, and as such, there is no way that you are going to get back into shape overnight either. If you expect too much from yourself, it will end up leading to frustration. Try to not be disheartened by what cannot be achieved and by how far you need to go in order to get the results that you are looking for. 

Instead of worrying about results, focus on maintaining consistency in your exercise routine. You will start to see a payoff in terms of your mood and your energy levels quite quickly, you will need to wait a while for any form of payoff from the physical side of things. 

Getting into an exercise routine that you can stick to requires a shift in your mental attitude. You can overcome these mental barriers, and once you do this, you will be free to change your body for the better. 

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