Insomnia and Men: How to Sleep Better Every Night

There are all sorts of ways that men can beat insomnia without the use of medication. Here are three that are worth a try.

3 Ways Men Can Beat Insomnia

As a dad, you know that you can’t be a great, energetic father to your children without the right amount of sleep each night. As you strive for weight loss and to get rid of your dad bod, sleep should be a huge part of your wellness plan.

Know What to Avoid

You may not realize that your daytime habits and the foods or substances you’re consuming are keeping you up at night. Once lunchtime comes and goes, steer clear of caffeine, which is in just more than coffee. Caffeine is also in tea, energy drinks, soda, and chocolate. It’s also a good idea to stay away from alcohol and nicotine afternoon. While you may think alcohol makes you sleepy and helps you get to sleep, it gets in the way of a good night’s sleep and you won’t feel rested the next morning, even if you’ve conked out.

Create a Sleep Routine

You know how you can’t get your day started on the right foot without a cup of coffee and a shower? Your nighttime routine is just as important. Creating a nighttime routine gets your brain and body ready for sleep and it helps you relax so you have an easier time drifting off. Do things that are soothing to you, like taking a warm shower and reading something a little boring. Avoid the blue light that comes from your phone and other electronic devices.

Get Up and Do Something

If you can tell that you’re not anywhere near falling asleep even after relaxing and trying to nod off for half an hour, get up and do something. Go into a different room to read or listen to soothing music for a while, then crawl back into bed once you start getting sleepy again. If you’re concerned with weight management and avoiding obesity, just make sure that eating isn’t part of your “get tired again” plan. Insomnia can be difficult to treat, but with a firm dedication to beating it, it is possible to start sleeping better and feeling rested once again.

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