Motivation is a word I hear a lot of so I decided to provide you with a much deeper look at why people lack motivation. This is related specifically to a person’s health but motivation obviously carries a ton of value in many areas of life.

The way I look at motivation is quite different than most. Motivation for many is a word that people decide they either have or they don’t. They’ll typically wait until they are motivated enough to do something and then think about the steps they need to take to accomplish whatever it is they weren’t motivated to do before.

Motivation has a much more powerful definition than some may think. You see, when you relate motivation to your health and the decisions you make based around your health the word motivation SHOULD take on a much different meaning.

If you aren’t motivated to mow the lawn or unload the dishwasher there are minimal consequences and you move on with your life. But when you lack motivation to take care of the ONLY body you have, the consequences have far greater impact.

You can talk about how you want to lose weight or how you want to start working out but do you really want it? Because if you did why the hell haven’t you started? There is literally no excuse a person can provide that justifies a lack of motivation to take care of yourself. Just call it what it is. It’s not a lack of motivation. It’s flat-out laziness!!

So, I leave you with this: stop using “I’m just not motivated” as an excuse. You have ONE life!!! Get your shit together!