My Bartender Made Me Think

Last weekend I was in Detroit for a few days watching some football and seeing some family I hadn’t seen in a while.

I had a blast but it was time to get back into my routine. I love burgers, pizza and beer but there’s obviously a time and a place.

While I was there I came across a heavy-set man who happened to be my bartender for a bit. The problem was he didn’t refer to himself as such.

He even went out of his way to let a woman know he was not a bartender and asked her to go to a different area to be served.

The thing is he was a damn good bartender. But it appeared as if he hated his job and was making everyone feel uncomfortable.

It was obvious that his size had something to do with it because he was not moving very well behind the bar.

I mentioned it to my friend and we made our way out of there pretty quickly because it was so uncomfortable.

I remember feeling like that when I was overweight and it wasn’t fun. Anything that required exercise and I was already dreading it.

But then I discovered a way to make my life a lot easier. Once I figured out the right foods to eat and when to eat them I started seeing results.

Then I added in a few short workouts per week and surrounded myself with some awesome health-minded people and I went on to lose 60 pounds and I am now in the best shape of my life.

I wish I could have helped that miserable bartender but unfortunately the opportunity did not present itself.

But with The MAN UP Community I do get the opportunity to help so many awesome men work toward the healthiest version of themselves all at their own pace!

We love burgers, beer and pizza too. In fact we celebrate our cheat meals and any new beers we try every week.

But we also want to be around long term for our children and lead by example when it comes to health.

Are you ready to start feeling the way you deserve? Are you ready to lead by example and significantly reduce your health risks? Come join us by clicking here: Join The MAN UP Community 

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