EP 229 – Q&S: The Truth Abut Supplements and Burning Fat

We’re doing another Q and S segment today! It is essentially a Q and A-style format where Jason and Zach provide real solutions to listeners’ problems rather than simply coming up with an answer. With this fun new format, Zach does not know the questions they received...

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EP 228 – Winning the Obesity Battle with Adam Wade

Everything in life changes, and so can you!Adam Wade is one of the top Fatherhood guys and the special guest for today’s podcast! He is a long-time client who has a strong connection with Zach and Jason and has become a dear friend to both of them! Adam is a large man...

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EP 227 – Meds and Weight Loss Surgery for Teens

Are you aware of where America is currently at regarding health? Someone in the health and fitness realm with a big following on Twitter recently co-tweeted an article that was written by CBS News, promoting the aggressive use of meds and surgery over diet and...

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