Simple Ways To Improve The Rate Of The Gains You’re Making

When you start working out, you envisage how you’re going to look after years of training and hope to one day be like the bodybuilders you see on TV – or perhaps like the fitness models you see on social media in this day and age. A lot of people are natural, genetically gifted, and will put on muscle (or lose fat) quicker than most. They’ll do basic workouts and eat a relatively healthy diet, and achieve the results they want with aplomb. Not everyone is like that, though. A lot of people need to have everything on point in order to reach targets they set out. 

If you’re finding yourself not quite getting the results as quickly as you’d like, then don’t do anything too drastic. Consistency works and so does never giving up. We’ve been stuck at home for a while so motivation and productivity might not be as sharp as when gyms were open. There are still lots you can do at home, though. Here are a few simple ways you can improve the rate of the gains you’re making:

Create An Actual Plan – If You Haven’t Already 

When you have no real plan ahead of you, it can be very easy to trail away from the progress you’ve made. If your meal plans and workout plans are stuck in your head, then you can forget where you got to and forget particular meals. It’s very easy to lose track without a roadmap, so write down a lot of what you do in terms of your workouts and meals – it’ll help so much. Track calories, note down personal bests and plan out your mealtimes. 

Value Rest!

When you’re geared up for a big few months in terms of hitting targets and putting on muscle, etc. it can become very easy to want to work out every single day. You need to rest, though. You may feel as though you’re missing out, but you’re actually helping your body a lot more. Rest is needed for progress – just not too much rest!

Consider Some Supplements 

Protein shakes are popular among people looking to get fitter and stronger, and for good reason – they can help out a lot. Things like a testosterone booster for men can also help out as they make the process a lot smoother and productive. Just make sure supplements are exactly that – supplementation for actual meals. Don’t substitute them for actual, well-balanced meals. 

Go Slower On The Eccentric Movements

When it comes to lifting weights especially, doing things slower and more controlled will help you out a lot. People are always quick to jump to the heavier weights because they feel as though they’ll make them stronger – that’s not always how it works. If you stick with the weight you’re on right now but look to control it better, then it’ll help you out so much in terms of your strength and muscle building. There are many ego-lifters out there who want to show everyone what they can do – don’t be like that. 

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