Terrible Daily Routines

Wait!!!! Before you leave the house eat something! Have some water! Do something!

Ugggghhhh…. you skipped breakfast again and all you’ve had so far today is coffee.

Now you think you’re going to eat a “light lunch” and you’re sure to lose weight. You have your normal salad with a little bit of protein and think to yourself “I’ve only had a small number of calories today!”

You leave the office late and you head home. You are STARVING when you get home but dinner isn’t quite ready so you grab a bag of chips and decide you’ll only have a few.

You sit down at the dinner table and your eyes are MUCH bigger than your stomach. You convince yourself that you had a light lunch so you can have a little more for dinner.

You decide to have some extra spaghetti and proceed to watch some TV before bed. You then convince yourself that because your lunch was light, you’ll have a small bowl of ice cream before bed.

You chow down and head for bed. You look back and wonder why you aren’t getting results when you hit the gym 3 times per week and spend 45 minutes on the elliptical each time…

Does this sound like you? Are you frustrated as hell with the way you look and feel? It’s time to break this vicious cycle! You don’t deserve to feel the way you do…