The 2 Best Daddy Yoga Poses for Men

Practicing yoga can be a great way for men to lose weight and get fit. Here are a couple beginner yoga poses to try.

Best Beginner Yoga Poses to Help Get Rid of Your Dad Bod

Yoga has a reputation for being an activity designed for the stay-at-home moms of the world. But what about Dad? Yoga is not meant to be an exclusive practice. It can help anyone with any body type tackle obesity and manage their weight loss. Are you a father interested in trying out yoga but feeling a little intimidated? Don’t stress, we have pulled together some great beginner yoga poses.

Cat and Cow Flow

This beginner yoga pose is fantastic for the back and offers papa the opportunity to make farm animal jokes. To practice a cat-cow flow, do the following:

• Get down on the mat on all fours with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle and your hands placed flat on the mat underneath the shoulders.

• Start with a straight, neutral spine.

• For cow pose, curl the back up and push your belly button toward the sky. Press your head down with your chin toward your chest. Your body should be making a “C” shape with the opening toward the ground.

• Hold cow pose for one breath and then move — or in yoga terms “flow” — toward cat pose.

• Cat pose is the opposite of cow pose. Drop your belly toward the ground and lift your chin and head up toward the sky.

• To get into the flow, move from cat to cow pose slowly in time with your breath. Inhale in cat pose and then exhale into cow pose.

• Do this as many times as feels good, but try to do a minimum of five sets.

Tree Pose

Tree pose is one of those tricky yoga poses that looks much easier than it is, but you can do it! This pose is fantastic for beginners because it can be modified in several ways for your own ability level. It’s a great pose for improving balance and core strength. To get into tree pose:

• Stand up with both feet firmly planted about hip-width apart.

• Take one foot and “kickstand” it against your other foot or leg. Depending on your balance and flexibility, you can just lift your heel with your toes still on the ground or you can lift your entire foot and place it on your calf or thigh. (Safety tip: Never place your foot directly on your knee.)

• To start, move your hands in a prayer position near your chest. Hold the position for several breaths. These two basic poses provide a great entry for dads to try out yoga and jumpstart weight management.

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