Time Waits for No One

Read this until the end. You’re lying in bed with your eyes closed. You’re daydreaming about something of minimal importance. You open your eyes occasionally and realize responsibility awaits. But you keep coming back to this “thing” that is of minimal importance. You get up and decide to face the day.

Two WEEKS later the same exact thing happens. You’re lying there with your eyes closed and this “thing” of minimal importance keeps entering your mind. You wash, rinse and repeat and decide to wait until another day.

Two YEARS later you’re lying in bed and this time you can’t stop thinking about this “thing.” You roll over on your side and are promptly reminded of a dull low back pain and you decide it can wait. But this “thing” KEEPS weighing on you. You get up and face the day and wait for another day.

Five YEARS later you’re diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type II diabetes all at the same doctor’s appointment you’ve been putting off for months.

The next day you’re completely deflated and have no clue where to start. The entire time this “thing” that kept entering your mind was YOUR HEALTH. You realize it’s not too late but now you wish you would have started earlier. It’s never too late. But we only live once. Why wait?