What Should You Be Eating Between Workouts?

With a good workout plan comes a similarly good diet plan, and before you can put the two together and hope for them to work hand in hand, you’ve got to know what’s right for you to be eating between your workouts. After all, it can be a lot harder for you to come up with a good diet plan, compared to what kinds of exercises are best for you, and you deserve to take your time here. So, in the interest of ensuring you’re eating the right things at the right time, here’s a small guide you may want to start with on your way to true dad-bod health. 

Protein and Carbohydrates

Two of the main food groups you’ll want to rely on here are protein and carbohydrates. Seeing as they help you to pack on muscle after workouts, as well as provide the most potent form of energy you could possibly have, they’re great for both preparing for and refilling your body after a workout. 

So try out foods such as Greek yogurt with fruit, which can also be a good breakfast choice. Be sure to have some almond butter in the cupboard for sandwiches, as well as lean meats such as turkey or lean beef for the bigger dinners you want to put together.  

Know Your Snack Options

Even when you’re on a strict workout schedule, you can still have a snack from time to time. Energy bars are always a good turn to if you’re hungry and in a rush, but you don’t have to limit yourself to them. 

Apples and bananas are good to grab and go, as well as whole grain bread products such as bagels. Try to avoid anything overloaded with sugar, such as poorer carbohydrates and/or candy bars, and try to stock up on some granola based items as well. 

Don’t Forget Your Drinks!

What you drink between workouts matters a lot too. Seeing as water is the go to for the necessary hydration your brain and body are going to need after an hour in the gym, it’s good to always have a bottle of water to sip on whenever you need it. But it’s not just water you can rely on here; there are plenty of other healthy drinks on the market. 

For example, if you want something with a good bit of taste, and a bit of a health kick for your digestive system, be sure to check out the juices on offer from goodnature.com. Cold pressed juices have a lot of benefits to them, such as their immune boosting properties, and there are quite a few vitamins in them too. If you need a good night’s sleep, try one out before bed. 

Eating between workouts is always going to be important, so make sure you know what to eat and when you really need a new punch of energy. It’ll make your workouts much more effective in the long term. 

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