You Are Enough

A few days ago I was picking up some food from an Italian place and the cashier was wearing a Michigan sweater.

I politely asked if she was from Michigan and she said “no I’m not gonna lie I knew they were a popular college but I bought this from a Thrift shop.”

I laughed and said no worries and thanked her for telling the truth.

But it got me thinking. So many people spend their lives trying to change their physical appearance.

Whether it’s their clothes, hair, body, teeth, weight or even gender, people try and change in order to be liked, fit in or love themselves more.

Wouldn’t it be easier to change how we see ourselves instead?

We are taught from birth that happiness comes TO us.

Usually on the back of buying stuff, eating food, drinking, drugs, being successful or famous.

But happiness comes from within. You don’t need anything to create a feeling of happiness….

We are born complete. We don’t need to be anything or do anything in order to feel happy & enough.

YOU are enough. It’s very easy to get caught up in outside influence and pressure from society.

It all starts with gratitude.

When we are grateful for who we are and what we have, happiness is MUCH more common in our lives.

What are you grateful for? Could you be doing more with your life?

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